A haul of Trollopes – an aside

I don’t usually post these ‘look at these books I just bought’ pieces, but today I can’t resist.

A trip to town yesterday ended with a happy book haul at a charity shop.

Trollope book haul

I wonder what’s the significance of the colour-coded bands at the top of the spine? Different sequences or series of novels? I need to check.

I’ve only read one Trollope novel, and that was The Warden, many years ago. Here in this unprepossessing shop was a complete row of pristine OWC paperbacks of the Barsetshire and Palliser novels.

I toyed with the idea of buying just the first one or two in each series; but at the giveaway price being charged, decided to buy the lot.

It was for a good charitable cause.

All those good intentions not to buy more books…Hope I’m not turning in my dotage into John Major, the lacklustre ex-Prime Minister who named Trollope as one of his favourite authors.

13 thoughts on “A haul of Trollopes – an aside

  1. As you must know, most bloggers (and their followers, like me) love to show or be shown pictures like that. Nice haul. The Palliser series is complete, but The Last Chronicle of Barset is missing from the Barchester chronicles. I hope you find it one day, in the same collection. How strange that you should have read only The Warden so far ! Of course Trollope is not in the same league as Dickens or Flaubert, or Tolstoy, but he is my favourite second-rate writer and I almost envy you for discovering Barchester Towers and Dr Thorne for the first time. You’re in for a wonderful treat.
    The choice of colour for the bands doesn’t seem to make any sense.

    • Izzy: yes, I was pleased with the find, though I dithered for some time before splurging. No room left on the shelves, so the floors are filling up. I suppose I never got round to Trollope because there were so many more first-rate writers to get through first. But I’m looking forward to reading them. Must keep an eye out for that missing volume – thanks for the tip.

  2. I have to agree with your other commenters – we all *love* to see pictures of other people’s finds! And I’m not surprised you couldn’t resist these – I doubt I would have either, even though I haven’t got very far with Trollope myself. He’s on my list…

  3. I’ve never got into Trollope for the simple reason that I fear once I start them that if I take to them (and most people seem to) I’ll then be sucked into a rabbit warren of endless Trollopes. Your picture suggests I’m right as to the volume risk at any rate…

    I figure if I ever make it to retirement I’ll give him a go then.

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