More spring signs #BlossomWatch

A digression from the usual literary stuff again today; a word of the month is forthcoming, along with some more posts on books.

Over the last couple of weeks Mrs TD and I have taken advantage of the relaxation of lockdown restrictions to go further afield for our daily walks. Last week the weather was Portscatho bayfine but cold (that’ll be the word of the month, coming up next) and we took a picnic breakfast (and new coffee flask) to the south coast.

The cloud was just beginning to burn off as we arrived at Portscatho bay. We’d got there early, anticipating a crowd, but we were only the second car there. No doubt the numbers will increase when people from upcountry start to staycation down here in Cornwall.

Blackthorn bushesWe took the coastal path east along the clifftop. The blackthorn was in full bloom. At times it formed a sort of tunnel that we passed through – like a bridal couple heading for the church!

The blackthorn seems to be exceptionally wonderful this spring. Maybe I’ve just not looked closely enough at it in the past. From a Blackthorn blossom closeupdistance it looks nothing special, but looked at close up it’s glorious.

More recently we’ve mostly walked in the country lanes around where we live. It’s strange and a little upsetting to see the same signs of new spring growth that we noticed so vividly this time last year, during the first pandemic lockdown in England.

It’s heartening to see these fresh shoots and buds of new life; but also a little disheartening to find ourselves still in this precarious position over a year on from its inception. I believe these attractive catkins are willow:Catkins


Beach breakfast

Breakfast on the beach

16 thoughts on “More spring signs #BlossomWatch

  1. I really enjoy your blog, both the literary and the country excursions. There is for me only one blot ( and it is with a feeling of hesitation that I mention it): the blot is that you refer to your wife as Mrs TD and somehow this grates. She could have a christian name or even be “she who must be obeyed” (as Rumpole would say). I remain a fan signed Mr TGK (The Glass Key) or James (Fraser)

    • James: thanks for pointing out your blot on my blogscape! Mrs TD laughed and said she preferred anonymity- but thanks you for your concern. No patriarchal dismissal was intended in this title for her. Im delighted to hear that otherwise you enjoy my posts.

      • Simon I appreciate you coming back to me on this and I am glad to hear I made Mrs TD laugh. If she is happy being referred to in that way who am I to complain? Keep reading, keep walking, keep writing and keep well both of you. You will perhaps be thinking I should move to Tunbridge Wells ( Private Eye’s home for the aged and disgruntled ) Best wishes from James

        • James: I don’t want to labour this, but I simply followed the practice of other bloggers when they referred to their partners; Karen for example refers to Mr Kaggsy. You’ll see Mr J noted in an earlier comment. But bottom line is I’m happy to have you swing by and take the trouble to comment – thanks!

  2. Lovely to get to a different part of the coast – I have been to Portscatho myself so it was lovely to see it. And the blossoms are good this year and the birdsong, too, but I know what you mean about it being the second time round! I got my dawn over the lake photos in last month and early this before the sun rose too early for my runs, thinking how I’d done that last year, too!

  3. Lovely nature post as always, Simon! I do envy you the scenery as well as the excitement of seeing at first hand the change of seasons (in my neck of the woods, as we’d say in my birthplace, “spring” is essentially a few new fronds on the palm trees!)
    Interesting point about the “Mrs TD” reference. In my own blog I’ve routinely referred to my husband as “Mr Janakay” without regard to whether he finds it harmful to his masculine sensibilities. It’s a point I really must check out . . . .
    note: he’s just assured me it’s fine!

  4. Oh, I’m as happy with my climate as Mr. J is with his anonymity! The delights of my climate, however, are easier to ascertain in February and March than in July & August. And I do miss the excitment of seeing those first indications that spring is arriving and that I’ve survived another winter . . .

  5. Lol! I do indeed refer to Mr. Kaggsy and he is happy to be called this and to remain anonymous! I think often our spouses are tolerantly amused by our blogging activities and prefer to leave us to it…

    And thank you for the beautiful photos – nature returning is absolutely wonderful (and I’m really craving the sea). Although like you, I find it hard to believe we’ve been living the way we have for over a year…

    • Tolerantly amused is exactly right. So glad you’re still liking the pictures – I know not everyone’s able to visit the coast; on the other hand, I miss London sometimes. Savour what we have, no?

  6. Breakfast on the beach looks very civilised, Simon; how lucky you are to live so close to the sea. Thanks, as ever, for the beautiful photographs of your part of the world. I love this time of year with all the signs of new life and renewal…

    PS, I had to smile at James’ comment on your references to Mrs TD – a point very well made, I think! Some other bloggers refer to their partners (or friends) by the initial of their first name (e.g. H or N). Personally, I prefer this to Mr or Mrs X as it retains a good degree of anonymity without ‘defining’ that personal by their marital status/relationship with the blogger. Why not refer to your your wife as ‘A’ (or whatever the appropriate letter happens to be) instead of Mrs TD?

    • Jacqui: yes, we are grateful for the beauties of this part of the country at this time of restricted movement. As for the appellation ‘Mrs TD’ – well, I think it’s best to draw a line under this topic. She’s a feminist, but also quite happy to be anonymised in this way, so I think I’ll stick with it. Kaggsy refers to ‘Mr Kaggsy’, and Liz to ‘Mr Liz’, so as you suggest there are precedents, and I don’t think it diminishes these people in any way to use the marital status title – though some might prefer not to have it used about themselves. I’ll be guided by her wishes.

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