Tenth blog anniversary

When I posted a recent reading roundup yesterday I should have noticed that 10 April marked the tenth anniversary of the first post on this blog. When I started Tredynas Days, I had no clear plan. Books would always feature prominently, but I also wanted to write about anything else that came to my notice and interested me, from online journals (topic of my first post) to medieval hagiography, podcasts, television, music, dogs, birds.

After a few years I clustered some of the more random pieces together under the category ‘Asides’. These often featured places and sights in Cornwall, where I live. DH Lawrence was the subject of a number of related posts with a Cornish theme: he’d lived in Zennor during part of WWI. He and his wife Frieda were famously expelled from the area when she was suspected of signalling to German submarines from the clifftops.

Travels to Spain, where our son and his family live, and Berlin before that, have also been a theme. I like to take a vaguely psychogeographical interest in the locations I find myself in. Indulge in ‘dérives’ through cities and countryside. Walter Benjamin and flânerie – the pleasure derived from aimless but open-minded wandering.

I started the blog at a time when my work life had evolved significantly. I had changed jobs and moved from full-time to part-time lecturing. This gave me more time in which to devote attention to the blog. Just before the pandemic I was made redundant. Even more time available. Then I increased the freelance work I’d done intermittently in the past with my wife, and now find that it takes up quite a lot more of my time and energy – but it’s editorial work that I enjoy. So posting on the blog has declined in recent months.

Anyway, if you’ve read this far I’d like to thank you for visiting. To all those who have over the years taken the trouble to comment and become involved in the online discussions that arise over topics in the posts, I’d like to say thank you. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many people online over these ten years.

As for the future: I don’t know. My focus has tended in recent years to be increasingly on what I’ve been reading, and I’ve enjoyed the discipline of putting into words what I’ve thought about the books I’ve read. But I daresay the ‘asides’ will continue.

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    I can’t believe it has been a whole decade. Thank you for enriching our lives enormously. Here’s to many more happy years!


    Maureen Murphy

      • Hello! Wanted to share a few of the many enriching things I have found here in your magical blog, in a rather willy-nilly, pillow book style. Thanks once again for your generosity.

        THE WORDS:
        Just a few of my discoveries here:


        THE EYE:
        Your assessments remind me a bit of the picture of Samuel Beckett (staring into camera) that hangs on my bulletin board. Neither of you brook nonsense, gratuitous polemics, gushing, or sloppy editing.

        An example:

        “It [Sally Potter’s film ‘The Party’] knocks spots off the sumptuous nonsense that was Murder On The Orient Express, which I endured last week.”

        Featuring magpies, poets doing their weekly shop, night hawks, and a green Belgian parrot (not deceased?).

        All time favorite bloggie excerpt:

        “There’s a particularly fine, sagacious cat, as muddy and flawed as the humans in the novel; Stripey fights a complicated war with the wharfside rats, her survival as precarious, and her sex life as mysterious as those of the humans she disdains.”

        In no order: Patricia Highsmith/Henry James/Walter Benjamin and wanderings/Cornwall’s saints, artists, seashore, birds, chapels, flora/Kathleen ni Houlihan and the 100 punt note/mosaics and other Roman wonders/sailing the Dalmation Coast/Barcelona and Gaudi/the bracing tonic of the august Mrs. TD when things get too grim and literary-ish!

        Finally, on a more sober note, your very special piece on your pilgrimage to Plymouth in 2016 was such a special glimpse into a life and friendship. Coming from the USA culture of rampant oversharing and the sometimes-expedient career “networking” friendships of Washington DC, it was a small jewel.

        Cheers Simon!

  2. Congratulations Simon – that’s a long time to be blogging! And I do hope you will carry on – I always enjoy your posts, whether you’re sharing your travels, or your thoughts about books you’ve been reading! Look forward to the next ten years!

  3. Congratulations on ten years, Simon! I don’t comment all that much any more, but I always look forward for the chance to make a connection.

  4. Congratulations!
    Your posts have been an enjoyable part of my reading life. I like everything about books, of course, but I’ve also enjoyed the posts about the saint you researched for your PhD, and I love everything about Cornwall because my six months in Cornwall is my favourite part of my childhood in England. When you post photos of landscapes, I see myself there as well.

    • Thanks, Lisa. I looked out for images of Mary of Egypt during our travels recently, but no luck. I’ve not been posting so many pictures lately because I had minatory messages from the platform hosts about storage space. But I’m glad the Cornish scenes brought back happy memories.

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