Getting It

This is Pointless


‘He won’t be there.’

‘I’m still going.’

‘There’s no point: he won’t be there.’

‘You can’t know that.’

‘Are you calling me a liar?’

‘I’m just saying I’m going.  You can’t stop me.’

‘You always do this.  You’re wilful.’

‘Wilful?  Because I’m true to my convictions?’

‘That’s just your definition.’

‘You take my words and apply a tourniquet to them.  The blood supply is cut off and they just die.’

‘That’s simply a bloated metaphor.  A smokescreen.’

‘I see.  I use bloated metaphor.  What did you just do?’

‘That was an apt analogy.  To highlight the truth status of my point.  Besides: a tourniquet (and I don’t concede that’s what I do to your words) saves the threatened limb.’

‘You know that wasn’t my point in the metaphor.’

‘You had no point.’

‘And you say I’m wilful?’

‘Don’t be petty – it’s unbecoming.’

‘I’m still going.’

‘You don’t get it, do you?’

‘That’s what he says.’

‘Maybe you should listen to him, then.’

‘Listen to yourself.  You’re like one of those Escher pictures – apparently logical, but doomed to be impossible.  You’re a two-way mirror.’

‘Now you’re babbling.’

‘You can’t stand the truth.’

‘I can’t stand nonsense.’

‘My truth: your nonsense.’

‘I can’t stand this.  I’m going.’

‘He won’t be there.’